The Haunt is Upon Us

This #halloween season has been full of super fun #photoshoots that I just had to share in a blog post. From cute and #cuddly #pups to terrorizing, blood-thirsty pandas, #October has been exciting and a lot of fun.

Halloween Pug Portraits with Drake and Dexter

These cute boys were a lot of fun to shoot. It kind of goes something like this: quick! wanna treat? good boy! snap.

After the boys...

I had the idea to get smoke bombs and create a cool scene with pumpkins, the house, etc. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any smoke bombs....BUT I used a fog machine instead. The pumpkins turned out kind of cool, though I would have loved some colorful smoke thrown in there...

Cinematic Pumpkins + Fog Machine

For this next shoot, I went a bit dark. Maybe it was my excitement for the new Halloween (Michael Myers) or maybe it was the brisk fall air, but I snatched up a #creepy 'rabid' panda mask at the store and waited for dusk. As darkness fell upon us, I plugged in that fog machine and snapped. Oh... and for one shot (not pictured): fake blood.

Immediately after, we watched THE MIDNIGHT MAN. That movie gave me nightmares...but so did this panda.

Rabid Panda

Anyway, I'm sad that Halloween Month has almost come to an end. But it's still Halloween for the next 24 hours. I'm going to pack the next 24 with horror movies, creepy music and haunts.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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