Photography and Videography with a Cinematic Twist

My focus for the better part of 17 years has been screenwriting and film; writing being my full-on passion since I was seven years old. I created my first book when I was eight, shot my first short film on my friends old VHS cam and saw the world through a cinematic lens. As I developed my craft as a writer, I had four published books, optioned four screenplays and launched a production company with two of the most amazing people in the world.

While I write daily, produce movies and have many goals (produce awesome movies, write tons of screenplays and have my novels published with one of the big five), something that crept back into my life is photography and videography.

I forgot how much I love being behind the camera, regardless of whether it's a cinema cam or DSLR - it feels good. And what feels even better is working with clients, creators, musicians and people of all walks of life to create a story within each photo or frame. Photography has the ability to capture a story in seconds and it's up to the viewer to determine what that story might be. This stands true for commercial and product photography, portraits, fashion, street photography and more. Inspiration can be found around every corner.

This is one thing I offer with my photography services: cinema in photography. For products and commercials, the right lighting, the right angle, the right backdrop or background. This, combined with professional editing will intrigue people enough to read more about your product, or to buy.

With my portrait, couple, child and promo sessions, I work hard to ensure that my clients walk away with timeless photos. Timeless, cinematic, crisp and clean. If you'd like to learn more about my work, please reach out. I'd love to discuss your needs and your overall vision.

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